ComAp's Services


In addition to technical support, ComAp offers services; including specialised training, projects, and complete solutions. 

On-line training
Do you need an extra training focused on any ComAp product or application you are specifically interested in?

  • We can organise a private session based on your specification where we will focus on your topics and answer all your questions.
Complex project consultation, configuration preparation & remote testing using SiteSim
Do you need help with a complex project?
  • We can help you with design (drawings), panel production, SW configuration. We can build exactly the same site in our PC simulator and you can remotely test SW functionality and all scenarios by yourself.
Remote support & consultation using visual remote assistance
Are you or your customers facing difficulties at a site?
  • We can organise remote access sessions using shared screen, where it is possible to simultaneously draw and write notes on the live image in augmented reality e.g. instructions, arrows, shapes, signals, text also taking pictures, record videos, etc.

For additional information, you can find ComAp Service Definition here.

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