ComAp’s InteliBot is an intelligent chatbot to help you with resolving simple issues faster. Rather than contacting our human tech support team, you can chat with InteliBot and get your problem solved without waiting for human interaction. However, InteliBot is a machine, and is still learning, (and will keep learning) so at the moment it might have some limitations.


Password Issue

The Password issue section can help you to:

  1. Retrieve the lost password of a ComAp unit that you are the owner of. If InteliBot does not recognise you as the owner or person authorised to retrieve the lost password, you will need to contact the regular technical support helpdesk.
  2. Retrieve a lost password for your ComAp Club so you can download files.

  3. Retrieve a lost password for your WebSupervisor account so you can monitor and manage fleet of you gen-sets.


Download Files

The Downloads section can help you with downloading manuals, datasheets, software and firmware.


Products & Solutions

The Products & Solutions section can help you with navigation through product features and solutions for different industries and applications that our products are designed for.


Troubleshooting & FAQs

The Troubleshooting & FAQs section is designed to help you with simple issues and alarm messages you may encounter using our products. Please be aware that, (at this stage) the answers are limited to the content of our Troubleshooting guide (standard alarm messages), Frequently Asked Questions, and the Knowledge Base section of our website.


How to Search for Products

When searching for products using InteliBot, please use the full product names or order codes, so ‘InteliGen NTC BB’ or ‘IG-NTC-BB’ because InteliBot has only learned the product names and product codes so far. Vague expressions, such as ‘InteliGen’ or ‘NTCBB’ might give you incorrect responses.

You can find the InteliBot anywhere under support section and in special cases also within Search section. 

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