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Hybrid - the Future of Microgrids

Remote places such as islands or mines are often located outside of the national electricity grid reach and therefore, have to use their own micro-grids to generate electricity. Usually these micro-grids rely heavily on diesel gensets. However, when the gensets are combined with renewable energy sources such as wind turbines or solar panels we speak about hybrid systems. With hybrid systems two goals are always crucial - save fuel and keep the system reliability. Thanks to its advanced functions designed specifically for hybrid systems ComAp controllers can maximize the amount of energy from renewables while not endangering the system stability.

Benefit-Inverter Interface
Inverter Interface Maximizes system efficiency
Benefit-Full Generator Control
Full Generator Control ComAp's solution takes over the full gen-set control including all necessary protections
Benefit-Fast Reacting System
Fast Reacting System Dynamic spinning reserve allows the system to dynamically react to the intermittent energy sources

How it works

ComAp system continuously monitors data from all sources of energy, including solar, wind or hydro and gen-sets. ComAp controllers can control multiple gen-sets and command PV inverters.

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