Green power control in paradise

Peter Island Hybrid Wind Power System

Popular honeymoon destination, Peter Island, in the British Virgin Islands, has recently seen an upgrade of the island power generation control system leading to more efficient automatic control of the four diesel gen-sets along the wind turbines operation. Completion of the project also laid the necessary groundwork for a future photovoltaic installation. The project was executed by ComAp for the client Peter Island Resort and Spa.

This project was divided to two phases, during phase one ComAp retrofitted the existing diesel gen-set control system to allow for automatic control of the gen-set operation to supply the load along the wind turbines.  The main objective was to lower the load reserve by optimizing the power management. Thanks to the fact that ComAp control system allows for stabilized operation of only one gen-set on a bus, the wind turbines produce 35% of the annual energy requirements.

Phase one was completed within 13 days without single interruption of the power supply and established a solid base for phase two.

The objective of phase two was to ensure smooth operation of the gen-sets along the wind turbines offering the option of curtailing the wind turbine output in high wind speed occurrence, and lay groundword for the sites future extension by adding photovoltaic panels.

The project will provide number of benefits to the Peter Island, to name a few, it will ensure

  • data analysis regarding the output values of all components
  • highly efficient power supply from combination of the two sources of energy
  • optimized fuel consumption with reduced diesel fuel emissions
  • prevention of the wind turbine damage by its power output limitation when necessary
  • prevention of the gen-sets from underloading

Peter Island fragile environment should be protected and ComAp hybrid solution contributed to higher renewable energy generation while maintaining the required stability and high reliability.

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