Corporate documents


Prague Wheelchair Sports Club

The main focus of the club, which adheres to the motto: “Our life is in motion, just like yours”, is an organisation of sports events/camps for its members and their families. It also supports its members who participate in local and international sports events where the greatest financial burden is connected with the cost of special sports equipment and attendance of personal assistants, vital for each wheelchair sportsman. The club also educates new wheelchair users about their options of pursuing sports activities and helps them get involved in the club life.

Nation to Children Foundation – Project My New Life

Nation to Children Foundation’s project My New Life originated with a thesis that the admittance of a child patient to the department of paediatric oncology is a start of a new life – a life full of uncertainties, limitations, sadness, pain, but also cheerful moments, new relationships and learning. The original goal of the project was to enhance the public awareness of the issue and change the detached attitude of our society to oncologic paediatric patients and their families. Currently, the project helps promote the achievements in the paediatric oncology and haematology field as greater acceptance dramatically improves the patient’s psychic and accelerates their healing process.

Community Centre Butterfly

The centre was originally established with the goal to fight against prejudice, intolerance and reservations in society and thus help kids with a handicap and their families get more involved through social activities and services such as canis therapy, music therapy, drama therapy, art therapy, speech therapy, and various afternoon clubs – e.g. pottery or swimming that allow children with a handicap to spend their free time in an enjoyable way and gain the necessary skills to be able to interact with their healthy peers. Over time, parents with small children (even without handicaps), parents on maternity or paternity leave and kids and juveniles from socially endangering environments found refuge and a place for spending their free time at the centre.
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