The heart of smart control

13 subsidiaries
13 subsidiaries We maintain high standards of local support and global expertise
400+ employees
400+ employees We offer a supportive environment and unique corporate culture
238 Products and Accessories
238 Products and Accessories Our intelligent solutions are intuitive, adaptable and reliable
100+ R&D staff
100+ R&D staff Our products are developed by the best people

About Us

ComAp designs and manufactures control products for power generation and engine control, along with associated accessories and software. We’re leading the way in providing intelligent electronic control products and solutions that are highly flexible, intuitive, and scalable. 

We ensure that we are connected with our customers so they receive world-class advice at every stage of our relationship, as well as unrivalled value through close collaboration. This allows us to fulfil their existing needs, as well as understand and meet their future requirements.

Continuous investment in our specialist global network enables us to maintain excellence in customer service, empowering our people and partners to deliver the highest standards of technical expertise, and local support to our customers across the world.

'What does it mean to be the global leader in the heart of smart control? For me, it is the fact that independent of where you are, we are very close to our customers, we are easy to do business with and we care about our people. That is the heart. Smart is for our products, as they are intelligent and offer a solution for a huge range of references in a way that only ComAp can do. And last but not least – control. It is essential in our industry and without it, you are lost. That´s what I love about ComAp. We offer more than just products, and we do it globally.“

Peter Sandin CEO

More power, more control, more colour - The new InteliGen 500

Providing smart control for the greenest datacentre in Switzerland

ComAp, The heart of smart control

Quality matters at ComAp

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